Display stock symbols and prices in your Mac Touch Bar

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Latest version: 0.2.0 b1
tested on macOS 10.15 or above


Enable the app by going to System Preferences>Touchbar Shows>App Controls. Also make sure that "Show Control Strip" is checked.

System Preferences Keyboard

Also check that your security & privacy settings allow you to use the app by going to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General>Allow Downloaded Apps from: Anywhere.

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Preferences Stock Configuration Preferences Stock Configuration Preferences Stock Configuration

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We started this project because we wanted a really convenient way to get quick glances at stocks without having to flip between applications or do web searches. We're just two guys who are having fun. If you like our app, please support us! We are always adding new capabilities, and welcome your input! If you have feature requests, please contact us.

About Us


A former serial entrepreneur, Paul is currently a product manager at AWS AI/ML working on automatic speech recognition.

Paul is an avid woodworker and horologist (fan of watch collecting and timekeeping mechanisms). He is currently building a baby's crib for his expectant daughter. And he's enjoying a 1985 Omega Speedmaster Professional, aka, "Moonwatch" (for now). Paul's looking for a unique 1940s Omega Cosmic Moonphase (Black Dial + Arabic Numerals) - Reference 2485 or 2486. So if you spot one in the wild or for auction, let him know!

Paul holds a MBA from Harvard Business School, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, and also Economics, from Duke University.


Once an engineer, turned to the dark side of being a manager at Amazon. But still codes day and night because his only responsibility outside of work is to make his 5-year old son Max, Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu mix, happy.

M.S. ECE, B.S. CS, B.S. ECE from Carnegie Mellon University.